June 29th, 2016

We are in the throws of summer. It is here at last. And have you begun those projects you said you would do once the weather warmed? Are the kids wondering what to do next already? Well, if you are in need of something to keep the fun rolling, look no further! You will find three terrific resources filled with activities and pathways to continue churning the brain!

First up to bat we have Scholastic and their Green Living Family Guide! In it you will find links to articles that share lovely ways to communicate about climate change, and solid ways we can connect ourselves and our children with nature. Samples of doable backyard projects are available in addition to fun indoor games to cool off during what once was that siesta hour. A personal favorite is the literature list found near the bottom of the page. I found it very helpful to use in that it is sectioned by various types of books such as books great for reading aloud, or the beginner reader.

Next, we would suggest checking out the Sustainability Hub’s videos when nothing but a little screen time will do. A slew of kid friendly videos are rationed for the animated minded while still harking on science, climate change, energy use, water consumption, and what it means to be a citizen of this planet. Any style of film from music videos to claymation storytelling can be viewed. Of course, a handful of us on the education team here at Grow Pittsburgh love the local food page of at least six videos discussing ways to eat closer to home with better health in mind. *Note: some of the videos in this section we suggest are not entirely young child friendly, please be aware!

Another option worth exploring is Petit Fashion’s Recycling page where they aid parents in introducing children to sustainability and recycling. The Educating Children on Sustainability tab goes into explaining why it is crucial for children to be aware of the importance of appreciating what we have and overall how huge a lesson it can be to take responsibility and be accountable regardless of how small we might appear to be. Lastly, the Useful Links page is brilliant in guiding individuals towards information about recycling at schools or at home, understanding where our old clothes go, and mindfulness on waste management.

In closing, we hope this inspires some great physical or brain activity all summer long! Also, a resounding Thank You goes out to Danielle Jenkins for sharing these wonderful sources! We are forever grateful for the giving and taking of our community members! Enjoy the sunshine and green!

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