Grow Pittsburgh has learned that lessons are particularly effective when the classroom curriculum is directly linked to the lesson plans and activities that happen in the garden.

We have created extensive lesson plans that are linked to the state science standards as well as general garden activities that can be used at any time and are linked to the four core subjects of English, Math, Science and Social Studies. We provide some concrete ideas and garden-tested plans, but the opportunities to connect the classroom with the garden are limitless.

Searchable Lesson Plans

Search through 70+ lesson plans based on the crop or season that you are working in.

Anytime Activities

Here are some activities that anyone can do in the garden at any time of year.

Kids’ Book List

There are so many wonderful children’s books that align perfectly with garden education.

Here is a list of some of our favorites that are often used in conjunction with learning in the garden.

PA Standards Alignment

Identify how each lesson plan is aligned to both the Science and Technology standards along with the Ecology and Environment standards.

Scope & Sequence of Activities

We have organized our program into six distinct units of study.